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Are you knocking on a door, waiting for a publisher to take a chance on you? 

Stop waiting.

Inspire. Write. Publish!
The Step-by-Step Way to Self-Publish Your Book Easily and Affordably

“Are you considering giving hundreds—even thousands—of dollars to a company to publish your book for you? If so, I have a story to share with you.”

- Kelly Langston -

Hi, I'm Kelly

Published Author Gone Rogue

​I’ve authored books traditionally—through publishing houses—and via the self-publishing process. In self-publishing, I've found more freedom, more control, more opportunity, and I keep the majority of the profits. 

Today, I wouldn't think of doing it any other way! ​

My dream? To teach you how to self-publish your book easily and affordably.

Because you have a story... a powerful story that someone needs to hear.