Do you have a burning desire to write something so powerful that it can change so​​​​​meone's life for the better?

Do you dream of authoring a book, but you're stuck?
Are you knocking on a door waiting for a publisher to take a chance on you?

I get it, because I've been in that place, too.

Standing on the Outside,

Always Looking In

My first Christian writers conference in 2007

I remember walking through the conference doors. A warmth filled me head to toe. I was so excited. I can only explain it as a feeling of coming home. 

Hundreds of would-be authors sat around tables in the conference hall. Most held carefully crafted proposals and manuscripts in their hands. Appointments with visiting publishing house representatives were scheduled. 

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

“We glanced at each other, wondering which writer—if any—would be offered a contract.”

Kelly Langston

The conference hall was electric with excitement, nervousness and hope.  I had my appointments lined up, too.  I recall sitting outside of the breakout rooms where the publishing house representatives waited. We glanced at each other, wondering whose book, if any, would get a contract.

You could feel the nervousness in the room. You could see the passion each writer had for their story. It was evident on every face, knuckles white as they clutched their proposals and dreams of becoming a published author.

I pitched my book idea as best as I could, pitching what would become my first book, Autism's Hidden Blessings: Discovering God's Promises for Autistic Children and Their Families.

An autism mama with a simple story of hope, I longed to share it with other parents of special needs kids. I prayed many hours for an open door, sensing God's leading even though the odds were stacked against me to get a contract.

I had no platform and no recognizable name.

After pitching my book, the waiting process began. Weeks passed with no word. Then months passed. Finally, six months later, I clicked on an email from one publisher. The text in that email  amazed me:

My book would be published. God had opened a door.

In the year that followed, I poured my heart onto the pages of that manuscript. I learned so much about the authoring process, and I am forever grateful to the wonderful team of Kregel Publishing for taking a chance of me.

And yet....

“I remembered the hundreds of other writers with similar passions and a God-given dream who were not offered the same opportunity that I was. What about their stories?”

In later years, I attended other conferences and pitched other books. I pitched and waited but the doors remained closed. 

I saw writers paying hundreds of dollars to attend writers conferences hoping for a contract... and for most, that contract would not come. Publishing houses have little room to take a chance on an unknown writer.  The financial risks are too great.

That's why I learned how to self-publish my books... but more on that later.

Each year, thousands of would-be writers attend expensive conferences and pitch proposals to publishing houses.

“Most publishing houses won't take a chance on a writer—no matter how gifted they are—without an existing platform. It's too much of financial risk for publishers. There are amazingly gifted writers who struggle to get their manuscripts published.”

If this is your problem, too, I have good news for you:

Powerful stories need to get to the readers who need them. The good news is that you don't have to wait any longer. But first, a word of caution for you:

Beware the Sharks!:

Writers who don't know how to self-publish often consider a publishing vendor. This is a vendor who, at a high cost, will complete the publishing process for them. These vendors charge would-be authors more than a thousand dollars to publish their book for them.

That's a lot of money! I've seen the results. 

I've seen serious copyright issues of which the vendors didn't bother to inform their clients of potential problems. For example, I've seen published books that include song lyrics without proper citations or permissions. This is a reckless omission that puts the author at serous risk.

Most of these books will have substandard cover designs that will get lost and overlooked once available for purchase. I've seen little attention to detail. If you need marketing help—and we all do-- it will cost you. 

Be careful of trusting someone with your God-given dream of becoming an author.

There are sharks out there waiting to take your money, so don't hand over control of publishing to just anyone. 

But don't lose hope! There's another way!

There is someone you can trust to publish your book.

Someone who will ensure that it is published right.

Someone who knows your heart, and your motives for writing it.
Someone who understands the heart and soul of your book.

That person is... YOU.
Would you like to know HOW?

Inspire. Write. Publish! Kelly Langston
Kelly Langston

Published Author Gone Rogue

About me

Hi! I'm Kelly, and I’ve authored my books via traditional and self-publishing methods. I’ve pitched proposals to publishers, and I’ve walked through the entire process with editing, cover design, and publishing.

I also know how to self-publish. I know where to find cover designers and editors. I’ve designed entire books from start to finish, and I’ve self-published them for print and digital formats. 

Most importantly—and this matters—I ask God for guidance in all that I do. This is the one thing that sets a Christian author apart from the rest:

We write to glorify God, and when we allow Him to lead the way, we will reach people in powerful ways we cannot begin to imagine.

My dream? To teach you how to publish your books easily and affordably so your stories will be a Light in to world in need.