There are writers with awe-inspiring stories that the world needs to hear.
Are you one of those writers?

I often wander through bookstores, particularly in the young adult section, and I'm dismayed by the selection of books there. The majority of the novels are very dark. 

Where are the stories about faith, redemption and hope? I know those stories exist, because I've heard them.

It troubled me, so I questioned God in prayer:

Lord, how can I help writers get their stories into the hands of readers? Stories about hope and faith?  Stories of redemption and of overcoming life's giants through Your miraculous power and provision? Those stories exist!

His Answer

God answers our prayers, and God gives us dreams.

If you are still with me—three pages into my story—then I believe that you have a God-inspired dream to self-publish your stories. Yes, God gives dreams... amazing, wonderful dreams! 

He gave me a dream, too. It took such a long time to reach it that I tried to let it go, but God would not let it die. That dream was to encourage others through my books, sharing the story of what God had done in my life.

I've seen God move through my books, receiving letters from around the world from readers who felt God's love through the stories.  

That's what makes all of the hard work in publishing a book worthwhile.

Now He has given me another dream, and if you are reading this, that dream includes you.


When You See a Need, Jump In to Fill It

God answered my question, and that's why I am sharing my story with you, hoping it will inspire you to step out to reach your God-inspired dream to become an author.

Kelly Langston

“I hope my story helps you see what is possible so you will stop waiting and learn to self-publish your books. Learn the process once, and you can repeat it for multiple books. No more gatekeepers! ”

Kelly Langston

If you have read to this point, there's a story burning inside of you. Not only that, but there is someone who needs to read it.

Today, God is pouring out stories—incredible stories—and the time is now to get those stories out a world that needs Light.

If you are waiting to get your story out there, you can do it through self-publishing.

When you self-publish your book, you get to keep control of every process: From cover design, marketing, promoting, editing... every step along the way. Today, more than ever before, you can produce a professional book that gets noticed.

It's easier than ever before to self-publish, which is exactly why thousands of authors are choosing to self-publish. (Statistics here.)

It's time for you to join them because you have a story... a powerful story that someone needs to hear.

You don't need someone to open the door for you. You can get your story to the world through self-publishing.

 Maybe you don't know how to make it happen.

 Maybe you don't know the steps to take. 

Maybe you think it's too hard. (It's not.)

I once thought the same thing... until I  learned the self-publishing process. Now I repeat the steps for all of my books.

You can, too!

The best part? No more gatekeepers.

I no longer have to give up control of my books to a publisher (not to mention  much of the profits), while marketing the books myself. 

I want to share these steps with you.

If you want to know how I went from knocking on doors to opening the door myself, I have a resource that will get you started... and it's free

Yes, you have a story to share.
It's time to answer the call and l
earn to self-publish!

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Learn the steps. 
Stop waiting and inspire a reader with your story.

Isn't it time?

Inspire. Write. Publish! Kelly Langston
Kelly Langston

Published Author Gone Rogue

About me

Hi! I'm Kelly, and I’ve authored my books via traditional and self-publishing methods. I’ve pitched proposals to publishers, and I’ve walked through the entire process with editing, cover design, and publishing.

I also know how to self-publish. I know where to find cover designers and editors. I’ve designed entire books from start to finish, and I’ve self-published them for print and digital formats. 

Most importantly—and this matters—I ask God for guidance in all that I do. This is the one thing that sets a Christian author apart from the rest:

We write to glorify God, and when we allow Him to lead the way, we will reach people in powerful ways we cannot begin to imagine.

My dream? To teach you how to publish your books easily and affordably so your stories will be a Light in to world in need.