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Mar 15

God-Inspired Writing vs. Popular Writing: The Surpising Difference That Will Baffle Book Experts

By Kelly Langston | Inspiration , Uncategorized

Book marketing experts say to be a successful author, you must write about a topic with a proven market. This means researching a book idea and running it through a series of evaluations to see if it is marketable, for example, checking the popularity of a subject on Amazon or search engines.

Yes, researching a book idea makes sense. I’ve been studying book marketing for many years and I’ve discovered fantastic tools to help with researching your book idea, tools like KDPRocket, for example… but this post is not about tools!

When your writing is God-inspired, however, there’s a good chance He will lead you to shake things up and write about a subject that isn’t popular. 

His ways, after all, are not our ways.

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